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How to get personal loan up

How to get personal loan up to 5 lakh : simple Process to get loan – Check here

How to get personal loan up to 5 lakh : simple Process to get loan – Check here

How to take loan from bank: Sometimes there comes a time in our life when we need more money. In such a situation, we go to our friends, close relatives or family members who can help us in this time. In such critical situations, if none of these are able to help you, then the time becomes more difficult for you. In such a situation, you can take a personal loan from the bank, which is a good option to get money in your emergency.

How to get personal loan up

However, in today’s modern era, you see many such advertisements which provide personal loans at very low interest rates. Loan Kaise Le, complete information related to this is being provided, along with this, complete information is being given about the interest rate on taking personal loan, eligibility and documents required to take the loan.

What is Personal Loan

Apart from depositing people’s money, banks and various types of financial institutions also give money in the form of loans to fulfill various purposes. Personal loan is also one of these. However, it is not necessary to have any specific reason for taking a personal loan. Actually, you can take this personal loan to fulfill any essential need of your life.

The most important thing is that you can voluntarily use the amount received under this type to fulfill any purpose. Whereas this does not happen in any other loan except personal loan, it is mandatory to fulfill the purpose for which the loan is taken. You can use the money received under personal loan for house construction, marriage, children’s education, purchase of household appliances and medical treatment etc.

Documents Required for Personal Loan

To take a personal loan from the bank, you have to submit some documents, which are as follows-

Proof of Identity (Aadhaar, Passport, Driving License, PAN Card)
Proof of Residence (Aadhar Card, Passport, Residential Certificate)
Proof of Income (Last 3 months salary slip as well as 3 months bank statement
passport size photo
mobile number

Personal Loan Terms & Eligibility

Personal Loan Eligibility: Eligibility conditions have to be followed by banks to take personal loan. First of all, the income, employment history and ability to repay the loan of the bank customer is assessed by the bank manager. The loan is approved after reviewing all these aspects in various ways. The eligibility for taking a personal loan is as follows-

The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
The age of the person taking personal loan should be between 21 years to 60 years.
If you work in a private organization, your monthly salary should not be less than Rs 15,000.
If you are a businessman, then your monthly income should not be less than Rs 18 thousand per month.
The applicant must have at least 1 year of work experience.

What documents are required for personal loan from bank?

What needs to be done to take a loan from the bank: To take a personal loan from any bank, you are required to submit some important documents. If you do not have the complete documents required to take loan from the bank, then you will not be able to get the loan. Different banks ask for different documents for loan, you can find out from the nearest bank branch. List of important documents required by the bank:-

  1. Photo Identity Card – Photocopy of Voter ID / Passport / Driving License / Aadhar Card.
    2. Proof of residence – Ration card/electricity bill/residence certificate
    3. Income Proof – Copy of your bank statements for the last 6 months
    4. Employment Certificate – Certificate of continuous employment for one year
    5. passport size photo
    6. email id
    7. phone number
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